Acid Dumb

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She’d needed to take a shit. The public toilets in the little village were locked so she went around the back of the small building and squatted among the garbage there.

When she came back around the corner she made me promise not to go look at what she’d crapped out. She said it was green and red. I laughed; there was no way I’d be looking at her shit seeing as it was 3am on a June morning and we both had heads full of LSD. “I’m thirsty,” she said.

Across the way from the toilets was a house, and outside the front door they’d had a milk delivery. I took a pint of milk and left forty pence on the doorstep. We shared it as we sat in the village marketplace and watched the sun come up over the low rooftops.

It had been a weird party. First someone got a bottle of poppers out, like we were going all-in for an orgy, then later a guy got set on fire and had to leave in an ambulance. Nobody saw anything. It was that sort of crowd.

In the marketplace we sang and danced in the dawn in beautiful acid comedown time. I could still taste the metallic acid taste in my mouth even over the cold milk. There would never be a more marvellous time than an acid comedown, no matter what I did, or who. I just happened to be with a girl that night. She was irrelevant really; just a girlfriend from school days; half-good company, looked like Patsy Kensit, and didn’t mind my drug use. All positive traits for an 18yr old in my position. But we had grown up apart in just a few short years. How may years of youth did we have left? One? Two? Too many people had died and too many people were turning old before their time. We were part of a lost generation, cosseted by wealth and the comfy countryside surroundings of the Isle, too dumb to know any different and too greedy to learn the hard way.

Sitting there on the wooden bench the sky turned from black to blue and the birds sang loudly up on the rooftops. Jet liner trails stretched out over us towards wherever. I wished I was up there too looking down on the world. God would understand me, surely I was just a whisker away from seeing him right now. I always regarded acid as a spiritual thing. Sacred.

She retched up the milk onto the stone flags. “I’m fucked up,” she said, wiping her mouth on the back of her hands.


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