Brain Blown

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One thing about belief in Aliens and UFOs is that it relinquishes a certain amount of energy you should be directing to more important things. I mean, how many of you have sat, like me, and watched three hours of YouTube videos showing unwell farmers and the remnants of the 1960’s American acid culture gibbering about lights in the sky? You have? Good. I am not alone (hoho). How many of you don’t know what buttons to click next?

I think I saw a UFO twenty years ago – see my blog post number somethingorother – and it does still play on my mind when the nights close in and I’m all alone here in my old stone cottage up on a hill. It’s sometimes a question of when, not if, I get to see one again.

None of this, of course, makes sense. I don’t make sense today. There is not enough to do, and too little time to not do it in. My brain is working in terms my Psychologist would say were ‘skewed’. I can’t understand why. Trains of thought aren’t reaching destinations, or even staying on the tracks. One minute it’s aliens, the next it’s good old Bigfoot, or the secret I know about my neighbours being part of an organisation sent to spy on me. The usual, really. It all makes me want to be able to speak German, or Polish. For some reason there is….something.

I can’t imagine that all this will end well, even if I am entering the realms of metaphysics. Today is a failure of freakishly messed proportions. Brain is blown.

(picture by Me)


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